Faerie Etchings


Adhomai: Also known as Phoenix Herald, the first fae reincarnated after the drought of life.

Alexandrea: One of the last druids. Moralynn’s apprentice. Sole heir to Morgan Estate. Also known as Drea, or Phoenix Sparked Heir.

Arthur (King): Chimera child of Oberon. Meant to become a bridge between humans and fae, however, died at Camlann. Mordred’s father.

Chelidon: A previous Phoenix that was also a smith.

Claire: Works at Bardic Tomes, the bookshop Alexandrea owns.

Galahad: Noble knight Lancelot claimed as their heir, a chimera. Childhood friend of Moralynn.

Gasperion: Smith that recruits Viviane.

Jamie: Alexandrea’s childhood friend. Medical school dropout that sees death visions. Mentee of Drea’s father.

Karen: Runs Bardic Tomes, the bookshop Alexandrea owns.

Lancelot: Friend and greatest fae ally of King Arthur.

Merlin: Last Phoenix, and Arthur’s mentor. Moralynn’s father.

Moralynn: Merlin’s last apprentice. Working with the Morgan family to revive Phoenix. Merlin and Morgana’s daughter.

Mordred: Arthur’s son, by way of Morgana.

Morgana: Also known as Morgan le Fae. Arthur’s sister. Great magician, and frequent antagonist of Camelot. Moralynn and Mordred’s mother.

Oberon: GodKing of the fae, creator of Earth, faewilds, and all creatures upon them. Titania’s spouse.

Phil: Caretaker for the Morgan Estate, Alexandrea’s home.

Raebyn: Oberon’s speaker, one of their children.

Rhys: Jamie friend and roommate. All three were childhood friends.

Titania: Fate. Weaves the threads of time. Oberon’s spouse.

Viviane: Also known as Lady of the Lake. Forged Excalibur and leant it to Arthur.


Alloy: Special foci that are a physical representation of the bond between people.

Chimera: Human that has been touched by fae and changed. Some fae bequeath their place in the Cycle of Reincarnation.

Druid: Human that wields life shaping, triggering healing within someone. People only have so much life available, and accelerated healing takes time off the end of one’s life. Only humans can be druids. Life shaping does not require a foci.

Excalibur: Crafted by Viviane to honor their dead mentor. Viviane leant the sword to King Arthur.

Foci: Item that enables shapers to shape the elements. Foci are crafted from metal and gems. The specific minerals included determine which element the foci enables.

Heralds: Oberon’s messengers, arbiters, executioners, spies. Heralds are former smiths elevated by Oberon and given mysterious powers, including the ability to shape.

Life Shaping: The ability to trigger healing within someone. People only have so much life available, and accelerated healing takes time off the end of one’s life. Only druids can use life shaping, and it does not require a foci.

Mysteries / Psyche Shaping: Some people, still using foci, can mentally manipulate others. The power is less well understood, with results more variable than elemental shaping.

Phoenix: Leader of the druids. Has access to greater wells of life magic. Not limited to a person’s individual life force to heal. Performs reincarnation for fae, exchanging life.

Phoenix Grail: Used to Invest the next Phoenix. Lost after the battle of Camlann when Arthur died.

Reincarnation: Fae souls, after resting on Annwn, are brought back to life by the Phoenix. The lives of humans provide the energy to reincarnate fae.

Shaper: Person who uses foci to manipulate elements. Water, Earth, Air, Fire. Many fae call earth shaping, mineral shaping instead, to distinguish it from the land humans occupy.

Smith: Person who creates the foci that Shapers use. Only smiths can wield hammers.

Spirit: Fae that have formed a bond with the land. Most often those left behind after Camlann.


Annwn: Island of the dead. Fae souls go to rest until they are reincarnated by the Phoenix.

Avalon: Where Oberon first stepped on the earth. A portal between earth and the Tower in the faewilds.

Bardic Tomes: Bookstore that Alexandrea owns.

Camelot: Arthur’s seat of rule.

Camlann: Where Arthur died, in the battle against fae that betrayed humans.

Estate (the): Morgan’s ancestral home, established by Moralynn to protect her chosen human line. Alexandrea is their last child.

Faewilds: Portal worlds beyond the earth where fae live.

Llehfin: Home of mythical smiths that created the most powerful foci.

Llyn: Viviane’s original home.

Nassidar: Major trade center within the faewilds.

Tower (the): Oberon and Titania’s stronghold. Oberon’s forge anchors the bottom, and Titania’s loom the top.