Pathfinder Infinite works

When Yivali held death in her talons, she feared delivering such terrible warning without also hope. Included in her annotations was research into what the world might become if each gods death were to occur, and thus what contingencies could be made.

Godsrain Contingencies will update weekly once the author has had a chance to incorporate the revelations of each prophecy revealed on the Paizo Blog.

Contains the return to service ritual to find a new faith, archetypes, feats, backgrounds, spells, items, even deity entries!

Check out Together with Elements Archetypes for a chance for all your not just kineticist characters to play with the power of the elemental planes. Detailing 13 archetypes and 128 feats, spread over 26 chock full pages with options to compliment all types of play styles.

Seven elemental artisans who incorporate unique planar items: the attenuator adeptbroncheronincenseurmorphic armoristpaleontogiansailsworn ambassador, and viridian digit. Those who make allies of the planar citizenry elemental bonderselemental callers, and wisp conductors. Draw spells through the elemental blaster, or deliver ammunition and impulses from your kinetic boomstick. Or consider the concordance wardens who maintain the balance of churn of the good of all planes, elemental or otherwise.

For your Pathfinder 2e tables, bring the art of paper folding onto the battlefield. With the Origami Folder Archetype your creations help you manipulate, explore, and tag your enemies. Give your spell casters some one action options, or your frontliners some handy surprises.

Includes 10 feats and 17 new magic items. Each origami entry includes artwork of actual origami creations.

Your Fist of the Ruby Phoenix campaign heads on over to Danger Island, where it is one of thirty-two teams.

What about other other thirty-one?

Includes: four level 12 NPCs, team strategies including fight resolution conditions, nine items, two feats, thirty-six throwing stars.

Thaumaturges not only know what something is, but more importantly, what it could be. And potential, is the most powerful force of all. Included in my notes are admixtures to enhance common implements.

  • 8 new feats, featuring classical metals silver, adamantine, cold iron, and sky metals abysium, djezet, siccitite, inubrix, and noqual.
  • Options for all nine implements from The Dark Archives.
  • 72 enhancements.

Where magic is mundane, where mutants roam, where the fey walk among men, the Impossible Lands are a realm ripe with adventure. In this book, you will be able to pick up dozens of new character options to make the perfect character for any adventurer of these mystic worlds, expanding on the stories told in Lost Omens: Impossible Lands!

People from all over the Impossible Lands gravitate to the Clockwork Clinic, queer boarding house by day, mob doctor by… well, whenever people get shot up.

4 Pages detail the Clockwork Clinic, and 11 new NPCs hailing from across the Impossible Lands, with art and adventure hooks. Each is meant to be a launching point into future supplements with even more material in other regions.

This Pathfinder 2e archetype is for the player that contracts analysis paralysis when trying to pick from too many items available. For the player who saves items up for just that right moment. Become a Consummate Consumer, and enjoy all the treasures you’ve been collecting. Craft even more, and craft across disciplines.

 Consummate Consumer Archetype features 19 feats, including 8 mix feats that allow you to combine different consumable types for startling effects.

Co-Writer: We are Orc Strong Together. This product is not only about celebrating orcs in honor of the Open RPG Creative License. It is about celebrating what people sticking up for their community, and what working together can accomplish. In that spirit, we eight awesome authors, and two terrific artists, created a product not just about orcs, but the power of community.

It includes player options for Champions, Gunslingers, Oracles, Sorcerers, and Summoners. New items, weapons, tattoos and more.

Co-Writer: Orc lumberjacks have abandoned their camps and began to come together and set down roots in Meravon, the lumber capital of Kortos. The efforts to become recognized and supported as an official town district are being met with resistance. Will Kortos lumber industry be led by community, or overtaken by arcane industrialization? 

A companion to Orc Strong Together, this is composed of 5 Blocks that take place at 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th levels to supplement an ongoing campaign. Taking place on the Isle of Kortos, it is a great companion to Beginners Box, Troubles in Otari, Extinction Curse, Abomination Vaults, or even Agents of Edgewatch.

Free to you, but tip if you want!

Co-written by the PF2e Reddit team: Celebrate the holidays with a dose of Golarion winter traditions and references to our own. A nice 1-2 shot perfect for while you’re traveling too.

While Irrisen is no stranger to winter storms and tumultuous weather, the town of Tahm’s Praerie finds their normal Longnight festivities interrupted by corrupted beings of unknown origin. You must venture against the coming storm and the growing darkness to save the people of Tahm’s Praerie from the unspeakable evils of Krampus and his dastardly minions.

Agents of Edgewatch Missing Persons: Wine Merchant expands on the Missing Person’s arc in Chapter Two of Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path: Devil at the Dreaming Palace.

Now your party can investigate the disappearance of Anastatia Corvis: a human Irriseni merchant who came to Absalom to sell ice wine. This could also be run as a side quest separate from Agents of Edgewatch, or provide some additional material for Absalom’s Precipice quarter. Includes six new locations and NPCs.

When the Pathfinder Society refuses membership to Jelica, the angel-blooded human is determined to prove her worth and sets out to experience all that Absalom has to offer. Too bad she is more prone to meddle than observe, and leaves behind a trail of bungled intrigues, lighter purses, and lacy clothes.

Her half-elf sister Lhani has always chased after Jelica, getting caught up in her adventures. While Lhani is content getting a fresh start as a student of the Arcanamirium, Jelica is determined to show her that there’s more magic in living life than can be found between vellum pages.

You’ll love the tale of these sisters navigating life, love, and loss in the city of Absalom, especially when they don’t have a bit of Wisdom between them.