Accepting the Mantle

How can Jamie and Alexandrea defend us from fae, if they can’t even see themselves?

King Arthur has returned.

But what does that mean? There are no more dragons to slay in modern day Wales. Even Oberon has been satiated… probably. Best to hide and wallow in guilt for the two lives he took: Jamie and Drea. At least she gets a chance at a normal life.

But she doesn’t want it.

Alexandrea is haunted by memories she doesn’t trust, and she isn’t sure what she’s more afraid of:

Delusions of controlling the elements?

Or falling into Jamie’s arms?

Amid their uncertainty rises an old threat. Morgana.

Forced into a new body too fast, she tries to refresh her life; but the Grail is gone!



And Who is even around still to care?

Realizing Druids have returned, Morgana vows to find them, and take one for herself.

You’ll love this modern day Arthurian continuation, because sometimes it takes time to figure out who we are, and what we’re truly capable of.

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