Vellum & Lace

A shared collaboration with Vanessa Hoskins, frequent paizo freelancer.

When the Pathfinder Society refuses membership to Jelica, the angel-blooded human is determined to prove her worth and sets out to experience all that Absalom has to offer. Too bad she is more prone to meddle than observe, and leaves behind a trail of bungled intrigues, lighter purses, and lacy clothes.

Her half-elf sister Lhani has always chased after Jelica, getting caught up in her adventures. While Lhani is content getting a fresh start as a student of the Arcanamirium, Jelica is determined to show her that there’s more magic in living life than can be found between vellum pages.

You’ll love the tale of these sisters navigating life, love, and loss in the city of Absalom, especially when they don’t have a bit of Wisdom between them.